High intensity services

High intensity and specialist mental health services emphasise personal control and choice; improving access to primary mental health care to maximise support and prevent escalation; clinical and psychosocial support and stable housing encouraging meaningful activity, connection to and participation in community; coordination and integration with assistance to navigate the system; care planning; providing wrap-around and coordinated care for people with complex needs.

Relevant services include:

  • High intensive team-based specialist mental health:
  • Assessment and referral
  • Treatment, care and support (e.g. psychological therapies, individual support and recovery and relapse prevention planning, clinical rehabilitation and pharmacotherapy)
  • services (inpatient, outpatient and residential, in home and community-based)
  • with involvement from a range of different mental health professionals including care coordinators, psychiatrists, allied health workers, and GPs
  • Crisis services, including suicide prevention, peer warmlines and crisis help lines
  • Sub-acute e.g. step up step down residential recovery programs
  • Supported accommodation and housing support
  • Psychosocial support services and community supports such as employment and income support programs, peer support, support groups, daily living support, social participation or lifestyle interventions
  • Multi-agency services
  • Advocacy services
  • Programs for people with severe mental illness provided through PHNs e.g. High Intensity Service, Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program, New Path, Continuity of Support and Transition to Recovery
  • NDIS