Stepped care is flexible and multidirectional. It is designed to provide options for people as their situations and their mental health needs change.

  • Stephen's Story Continued

    Remember Stephen…

    Stephen is the 36 year old man we met earlier. He is now back home from his stay in the Step Up Step Down residential program. He is feeling more settled as each week passes. Stephen’s NDIS Lived Experience Recovery Coach is assisting him to organise a gradual return to work. Stephen is wanting to explore obtaining grief counselling, a low intensity service, through Better Access once his mental health improves further. He also intends to go back to using Mood Gym, an online self-help program, which in the past has helped him manage his mood and feelings.

  • Zahra's Story Continued

    Remember Zahra…

    Zahra, now aged 29, has experienced psychosis from a young age and from before her family fled their homeland. Zahra, after numerous involuntary under the Mental Health Act to the Adult Mental Health Unit at Canberra Hospital, had been progressing well with an NDIS package and has recently moved into her own public housing unit. She is now reconnected with her family and her community.

    During a family dinner Zahra started screaming and telling her family ‘they are coming for me’. Her mother and sister suggested it was time for Zahra to go to hospital. Zahra was adamant that she would not agree to this. Her sister suggested they should phone Access Mental Health (1800 629 354) and talk with a mental health clinician about what was happening. The mental health clinician from Access Mental Health after listening to Zahra’s sister, spoke with Zahra who said she didn’t want to go to hospital and that there was nothing wrong but that she just needed ‘them’ to leave her alone and stop hiding everywhere.

    The clinician explained to Zahra that she was organising for an ambulance to take her to Canberra Hospital and began asking Zahra about her concerns about hospital. Zahra said she would prefer to go to the Step Up Step Down Service. The clinician explained that the Step Up Step Down Service was an option once Zahra was assessed and once the thoughts and voices were no longer distressing. The clinician asked Zahra to think about what would help her to feel less distressed and fearful. Though still not agreeing, the ambulance arrived and Zahra was taken to hospital.